Analyst: My Local AT&T Store Hasn't Sold A Single Facebook Phone

facebook employee holds phone

HTC’s Facebook phone is not doing all that well, according to Arvind Bhatia of Sterne Agee.

In a note, he says, “A local AT&T store we checked with told us it had not sold a single HTC First phone (the dedicated phone that comes with Home pre-loaded) as of last week.”

He then talked about the poor reviews in Google’s Play store for the software.

His overall take away on the Facebook Home software: “Home will probably be great for the avid Facebook users but it is unlikely to have mass appeal—at least not in its current version.”

It’s pretty incredible that a store hadn’t sold a single Facebook phone over the two weeks it was on the market. It’s just one store, but we get the feeling that sales aren’t all that great overall.

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