ANALYST: No, I Wasn't Fired For Being Wrong On Lululemon

Lizabeth Dunn

Photo: CNBC

Up until recently, Lizabeth Dunn was a respected retail analyst at FBR, having previously done stints at Prudential and Thomas Wiesel.  Now she’s gone, as of last week, and people are wondering why.

A theory that we’ve seen floated on Twitter is that it had something to do with her being on the wrong side of Lululemon, the red-hot maker of yoga gear.

Earlier this month she downgraded the stock ahead of earnings, saying the company was basically priced to perfection, and that higher costs would pressure the stock.

Fortunately for Lululemon shareholders, the stock posted awesome earnings, and the stock just keeps surging to brand new highs.

Well, we asked Dunn, she couldn’t say much, but she did totally deny that her departure had anything to do with Lululemon. She couldn’t say whether she was fired or quit the firm. When we called FBR, they initially said she wasn’t fired, but when asked if she quit, the spokesperson didn’t say anymore.

So it remains a mystery except for the fact that the only official account is that Lululemon doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it.

All that being said, it takes a lot of guts to go negative on a red-hot stock, and it can be a career liability, so hats off to her for sticking her neck out.

Know more about why she’s no longer with the firm: Email [email protected] or call 917-621-7438.

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