UBS: Apple Could Sell 100 Million iPhones In The Second Half Of 2014

Phil schiller iphone modelsAPSVP Phil Schiller with Apple’s full line of iPhones.

Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last Tuesday and now we’re beginning to get a sense of just how much that will affect the company’s bottom line.

On Monday morning, Apple announced over 4 million iPhone were sold during the first 24 hours of preorders.

That figure is just a fraction of the iPhones Apple could sell during the second half of 2014, according to UBS analyst Steven Milunovich.

“The iPhone 6, quickly on back order, should satisfy near-term revenue growth needs with a chance for 100mn total iPhones shipped in the second half,” said Milunovich.

When Milunovich refers to 100 million iPhones sold, he’s lumping in the 5S and 5C along with both models of the iPhone 6.

As you can see here, many iPhone sales will come from customers upgrading their devices:

IPhone ChartBusiness Insider/StatistaiPhone sales to new customers are dwindling.

UBS notes the iPhone 6 — particularly the 6 Plus — is expected to do well in China. That’s because Apple struck a distribution deal with China Mobile and its approximately 760 million users at the end of 2013.

We’ll have a better idea of how likely Apple is to reach the 100 million unit mark when the company releases data from the handset’s first weekend in retail stores, sometime around Sept. 22.

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