A Study Shows Electric Cars Don't Make Environmental Sense

tesla model S 4

Photo: Tesla Motors

The Street‘s John Peterson doesn’t see much upside to investing in electric car companies.Moreover, Peterson claims that the environmental benefit of electric cars is drastically overstated. He cites a chart from a study performed by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University which illustrates emissions costs for both conventional and different types of electric vehicles during production and operation:

Emissions Cost by Source

Photo: The Street

As you can see, the emissions cost for just the battery on the Tesla Model S (BEV240) far exceeds the emissions cost associated with making an entire conventional vehicle (CV).

Peterson’s point – and the title of his article – is that Tesla “pollutes today for a greener tomorrow.”

For this reason and others, Peterson is bearish on Tesla Motors:

Tesla may be a fun stock for traders as the hype cycle runs its course, but with gaping holes in the environmental claims, yawning chasms in the economic claims and serious questions about the commitment of reservation holders, I don’t see a reasonable balance between risk and reward.

In his eyes, the Tesla Model S is no Ford Model T.

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