Anaheim Ducks At Vancouver Canucks – NHL Game Preview

Anaheim Ducks Phoenix Coyotes NHL Hockey

Betting Online OverviewAs the NCAA basketball lines start to show the way to March Madness, the NHL scores show that the Vancouver Canucks are at it again. The reason that the Canucks are rarely part of the NHL trade rumours each year is because their regular season team always looks invincible.

If history has taught the Canucks anything, they would trade away goaltender Roberto Luongo at the trade deadline for a goalie with positive playoff experience and make a real run to the Stanley Cup. But, that will not happen so long as Luongo is one of the key reasons why the Canucks always seem to be at the top of the NHL standings every year.

 The Anaheim Ducks are only a few years removed from winning the Stanley Cup, but this is hardly the same team that won the coveted hardware. These Ducks are younger and faster but lack real experience. They are finding their way together as they continue to climb the Western Conference standings, but only time will tell if this team has enough playoff experience to be dangerous in the post-season.

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