An NFL Player Has A Startup, And He Has Applied To TechStars

tom brady of the new england patriots gives a peace sign
We can only hope it was Tom Brady.

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The deadline for the 2012 TechStars New York spring class is approaching, and it’s gearing up to be the best bunch of startups yet.(TechStars is a competitive three month startup accelerator program. It’s in multiple cities with no more than 15 startups per class).

We caught up with managing director David Tisch who told us some of what has been coming through the pipeline.

“We crossed over 1,000 applicants a bit ago, which was way ahead of last year’s pace (we didn’t do that until the deadline last time)” says Tisch. “I’d imagine we get 1,500 to 2,000 applications this time.”

Applications are coming from impressive people too, and not just from your typical tech stars.

While Tisch says 40+ applicants have previous or current experience at Google, Apple or Facebook, there are also some big-name athletes who have submitted their business proposals.

Tisch tells us one current NFL player and two former Olympians have applied. 

Five or more companies that have previously gone through an accelerator program have also applied (although we’re not sure why they’d want to give up even more equity).

Want to get into TechStars? You can apply here. Dave Tisch gave us all the secrets, below:




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