An NFL Cheerleader Says The Biggest Divide On The Squad Is Between Girls With Real Boobs And Girls With Implants

bengals cheerleaders

Photo: AP Images

Laura Vikmanis, 43, a Ben-Gal, is the oldest cheerleader in the NFL.Vikmanis recently wrote a memoir called It’s Not About the Pom-Poms: How a 40-Year-Old mum Became the NFL’s Oldest Cheerleader – and Found Hope, Joy, and Inspiration Along the Way about how becoming an NFL cheerleader changed her life.

In a recent interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer about her book Vikmanis revealed that not all 36 girls on the squad got along. But the surprising statement is where the divide on the team comes from:

“The most prominent division on the Ben-Gals is not between the young girls and the older girls but between the Real Boobs and the Fake Boobs. This is despite the fact that at any given time, a third of the Real Boobs are considering implants,” she told the Enquirer.

This may have to do with the intense competition about body image on the squad. Vikmanis also said the girls must weigh in every practice and if they are three pounds above their “goal weight” you get benched for the next game.

All of that, and they only get paid $75 per game.

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