An Investigation Has Found No Environment Damage To Kakadu From A Radioactive Waste Leak At The Ranger Hill Uranium Mine

Ranger Processing Plant/ ERA

Highly acidic uranium slurry which leaked from a faulty tank at the Ranger Hill uranium mine into the Kakadu National Park in December 2013 has been reported to have had no effect on the surrounding environment.

In a final report released by Senator Simon Birmingham, the parliamentary secretary to the minister for the environment, a scientist found that the leak “did not cause any adverse impact to the offsite environment, including Kakadu National Park, nor cause any impact to the health of local residents or mine workers”.

The incident did not result in any increased radiation risk to members of the public and that doses to workers involved in the cleanup operation were small in comparison to mean annual worker doses, the report said.

“No abnormal changes have been detected, which means that the Alligator Rivers Region remains protected from the potential effects from Ranger Uranium Mine,” Senator Birmingham said.

“Indigenous communities who live in Kakadu National Park can continue to fish in these rivers and creeks and drink the water without fear of contamination.”

The report also includes images of the extent of the spill and what it covered.

Energy Resources of Australia Ltd, the operator of the mine, was approved to restart operations in early June 2014.

The company reported a first half earnings loss of $127.2 million, impacted by additional costs associated with the suspension of processing operations.

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