An Ineffective Conspiracy of Silence

Every media outlet reported that the Obama’s long awaited vacation in Martha’s Vineyard began this past Thursday, but did you know that Michelle just couldn’t wait for Barack to finish up his official duties and fly with him on Air Force One at about 6 pm?  Instead, she insisted on a special military flight with extra secret service and separate motorcades on each end, and arrived at 2pm.

Just the day before Obama had talked about the need for “shared sacrifice” on his bus trip during a stop in Atkinson Illinois. Did Michelle not get the memo, or does she just not care?

Even though you probably have heard about this new example of wretched excess and imperial privilege by now, why do the British do a better job covering Obama than the American press does?

Try Googling  “obama michelle martha’s vineyard separate flights” or some such variation.  Other than a brief item from Fox News, as of this moment, all the first page returns are from blog sites. On the second page of returns, the only main stream media return is from the UK Daily Mail.  No mainstream American media outlet shows up in the first 50 returns.

Try “president obama and michelle take separate jets to martha’s vineyard”, which might be easier for the usually intuitive search engine to understand. Pretty much the same results.  UK sites show up at the top of the first page’s results, but no American media coverage 50 returns deep.

Why would that be? Is it that there is no interest in this, no actual story here? Clearly it’s not earth shattering news (or at all surprising), but the UK press seems to find it of interest. It’s covered in the Daily Mail and elsewhere, but our own press seems to have missed it.

It’s a small thing, but there are many such examples. Why does the mainstream media do such a poor job masking their continuing bias?