This Note-Passing War On A Thanksgiving Day Flight Is Intense

Elan gale aeroplane fight thanksgivingElan Gale via TwitterThe note that set off a war on a Thanksgiving Day flight.

ABC’s Bachelor and Bachelorette producer Elan Gale was on a fight yesterday live tweeting his feud with a fellow passenger.

According to Gale’s tweets, which were picked up by Buzzfeed’s Rachel Zarrell, a female passenger was complaining that she might not make it home for Thanksgiving dinner.

She seemed to be oblivious to others on the flight, who also needed to get home to their families for Thanksgiving.

The battle began before the flight boarded. Gale tweeted about the woman at 11:05 AM.

A flight attendant tried to calm her down, which was apparently the wrong move.

Once the plane boarded, Gale said he could her here breathing deeply and muttering from a few rows back. That’s when the note-passing war began. He sent her a glass of wine and later two vodka nips with this note:

This was not well received by the woman, Diane. She sent Gale this response, pitying the family that has to “deal” with him:

Gale retaliated with yet another note and escalated the language:

Diane replied, noting its inappropriate nature:

Gale responded again with a vulgar comment:

When the plane landed, Gale waited for Diane to get off the plane and held out a final note. When she saw him, Gale says she smacked him.

Diane may have ended up missing her connecting flight because she smacked him, while Gale was able to board his.

The final note he handed her read:

Yesterday afternoon, Gale wrote a blog post explaining why he felt the need to pick a fight with Diane.

“I don’t care what’s going on with you: Don’t be rude to people who are doing their job,” he wrote on Tumblr.

“If you’re the customer, you’re only right if you’re kind, polite and positively thankful. If you’re not, you’re a jerk, and that’s the bottom line…Be nice everyday, but if you see a man or a woman working on a holiday you better respect that they would like to be with their family too.”

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