An Extra 3000 Police Officers Will Be On The Streets In Sydney This NYE

NSW Assistant Commissioner Mick Fuller.

An extra 3000 police officers will be patrolling the street of Sydney this New Year’s Eve, as 1.5 million revellers are expected to visit Sydney’s 70 harbour vantage points for the event.

NSW police assistant commissioner Mick Fuller said despite the tragedy at the Lindt cafe, where two hostages died, planning for the event has gone on as normal.

“We’re always looking for intelligence that may change the state of play, but at this stage the planning has gone ahead as it was the month before, and the month before that… nothing has changed other than the way we brief police.”

The City of Sydney Council has also said it is providing several security groups that are providing 300 security guards for the key sites.

Fuller said he was more concerned with alcohol-related crime, than terrorism threats.

“We can’t forget the fact that alcohol-related crime and the problems that come with that have been the biggest challenge for Sydney,” he said.

“It’s a much much bigger threat than terrorism.”

Despite Prime Minister Tony Abbott announcing on Christmas Eve that there has been a “heightened level of terror chatter” following the Sydney siege, Fuller said there have been no specific terror-related talk about NYE.

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