An Ex-Model Sues For Film Cameo And 9 Other Wild Legal Stories Of The Week

Irina KrupnikIrina Krupnik

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It’s that time of week again.It’s never a dull week in the legal world, at least not by the standards of crazy crimes, illogical lawsuits, and the ever-exciting world of celebrity legal battles.

This week was no exception. There were updates in the case against Dr. Drew involving allegations of his KKK allegiance, Kid Rock’s adamant denial of being corny, and a multi-million dollar drug bust.

The biggest headline award goes to former model Irina Krupnik, who has a bone to pick with Jon Favreau. 

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Driving While Under The Razor

A Florida woman was trying to tidy up her bikini line for her boyfriend when she ran into a problem. The problem? The pick-up truck in front of her.

Megan Mariah Barnes was shaving her private parts while behind the wheel. Apparently her brilliant solution to allow her ex-husband, who was sitting shotgun at the time, to hold the wheel didn't prevent her from slamming into the back of a truck that was slowing down to make a turn.

Barnes was driving with a suspended licence after being convicted of a DUI just 24 hours earlier. She was sentenced to nine months of probation and her licence was revoked for five years.

Read more details at CBS.

Kid Rock Is Not Corny, For The Record

Kid Rock showed up in court on March 5 to defend his honour originality. The rock star was accused of assault by three fans who alleged that he and members of hip-hop group Boo-Yaa Tribe attacked them after they asked for autographs in 2006.

The trio claimed Kid Rock uttered, 'Who wants a piece of me next?' during the supposed fight, which Kid Rock disputed because he wouldn't say anything so lame. He told the judge, 'I wouldn't say something corny like that. It was kind of chaotic. There were cameras everywhere and people yelling.'

For those who may doubt his defence, this is the same man who's biggest radio hit includes the lyrics, 'It's the simple things in life like when and where...the way the moonlight shined upon her hair.'

Clearly, he would never get anywhere near corny, ahem.

Read more at the SFGate.

Score: Dr. Drew 1, Alleged Stalker: 0

Dr. Drew, the television personality who coaches celebrities out of addiction, won a small victory over his alleged stalker on Monday.

According to TMZ, after both sides failed to show up in court, the judge threw out Charles Pearson's claims against Dr. Drew.

Pearson was arrested last week and charged with felony stalking; he allegedly threatened to murder Dr. Drew's family. He also hit Drew with a lawsuit claiming that the doctor owed him $2,500 for performing an illegal surgery on him and said that Drew's a KKK member.

Read more at TMZ.

Thinking Of A Cheeseburger Could Land You In Jail

A homeless man in North Carolina was arrested and charged with unlawful solicitation for holding up a sign scrawled with, 'I'm thinking of a cheeseburger' near the off-ramp of an interstate.

A Gastonia ordinance makes it illegal to beg by 'accosting...or forcing oneself upon the company of another.'

Sometimes, you will do anything for a fast food fix.

The Gaston Gazette's full story is here.

Do You Feel Dirty, Jon Favreau?

Many people would be thrilled for a cameo appearance in a major motion picture, but Irina Krupnik wants $10 million after picture of her in a bikini from 10 years ago was used in Couples Retreat, as outlined by the New York Post.

Krupnik's image is used as a 'masturbatory prop' by Jon Favreau's character in the film -- an older, overweight, married guy who, in one scene, escapes in fantasy while his wife is in the bathroom. She charged Universal Studios with invasion of privacy and defamation, saying in the suit that the scene 'would be a crime if Mr. Favreau attempted it on a New York City subway.'

I Want My Coat And I Want It Now

A Texas personal injury attorney took it personally when the Houston airport didn't properly care for his forgotten coat.

Outed by The Smoking Gun, William Ogletree left his Polo leather jacket with plaid lining at the airport food court after stopping for pizza. When he was unable to get a clear answer over who is responsible for the area - the City of Houson, the concession management company or the airline - he sent a letter to all three parties threatening to sue.

He claims that the coat should have been collected and kept in a secure place and that the prospective defendants 'breached their duty.' He concedes that further legal action will be avoided if he is paid $800 for the coat.

At least he is amenable to an easy solution.

Read Ogletree's entire letter at The Smoking Gun.

Fire Parties Are Not Welcome Here

Things can get crazy in Tribeca, apparently.

James McGown is accused of transferring the deed to his basement apartment to his 6-year-old daughter and leasing the space to Dimitri Dimoulakis, a self-proclaimed sex-toy salesman. The two allegedly cooperated in holding and promoting dangerous parties that involved fire tricks and 'pornographic elements.'

NY Post: A Nov. 27 party had 156 guest in the small space who paid $10 to $15 each to be there -- and they got quite a show, the suit says.

The event included a 'fire massage,' where 'a woman is waving a wand of fire over the bare back and legs of a man, who is lying down on what looks like a kitchen counter. The man's pants are also pulled down to his ankles,' the suit says.

That's no way to be a nice neighbour.

Read more at the NY Post.

Harvey Weinstein And Quentin Tarantino Accused Of Being Pilfering Anti-Semities

Quentin Tarantino has been added to the growing list of movie makers getting sued.

Dannez Hunter claims that Tarantino's Kill Bill is a ripoff of a treatment he submitted to Weinstein-helmed Miramax, according to TMZ. He claims his treatment was about a character named Ren who witnessed her mother's murder, which matches the plot of Bill.

But before we forget, there's a reason to file this under a little wacky. Hunter asserts that he applied for a job at Miramax but was never given a callback despite the fact that 'numerous similar situated less qualified Jewish and White people were bestowed job after job after job.'

He is seeking more than a million dollars. Read more at TMZ.

Judge Rules Husbands Are Not Allowed To Spy On Wives Via Bathroom Camera

Richard Allen Perez was getting divorced from his wife when he decided to poke a hole in the bathroom wall of their shared home to videotape her.

The woman found videos of herself getting into the bathtub on a home computer. According to the Pioneer Press, he told police, 'We weren't having sex anymore, and I did that for me, nobody else.'

His lawyer argued that since Perez had seen her naked before, he should not be treated as a peeping Tom, but a Minnesota appellate court judge affirmed a prior ruling that that the wife had a 'reasonable expectation of privacy' and confirmed Perez's conviction of four counts of misdemeanour interference with privacy.

Read the whole ordeal at Pioneer Press.

So Much For Being Neighborly

Finally, the Garden State is living up to its name.

New Jersey authorities seized more than $10 million worth of marijuana and plants from six houses in the largest raid in the state's history. The illegal loot added up to 115 lbs of pot and 3,370 growing plants, according to the Cliffview Pilot via Gothamist. The tenants also 'reworked' electrical systems to bypass meters and power grow rooms.

According to CBS, officers also found nearly $70,000 in cash.

Nancy Botwin would be proud.

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