An enormous swordfish weighing 370kg has been caught in Tasmania

Photo: <a href=’’>Team Choonachasa/ Facebook.</a>

A giant swordfish weighing 370 kilograms has been caught off St Helens on the north-east coast of Tasmania.

A group of recreational fishermen who go by the name of Team Choonachasa posted a photo of the huge catch onto their Facebook page on Tuesday saying: “And they just get bigger! This 375kg was weighed at st Hellens today.”

There have been at least 50 large swordfish caught in Tasmanian waters over the last two years but the most recent catch could set a new record.

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“It was the biggest known recreationally caught swordfish in Australian history. It was weighed clean at 354 kilos, so it’s probably about a 370 to 380 kilogram fish whole,” boat skipper Leo Miller told the ABC.

“It would have been the new Australian record.”

Team Choonachasa added that the swordfish could be in the “top 10 from western Pacific Pop in last 10 yrs”.

Swordfish migrate frequently and can be found throughout the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans and can be found at depths of up to 550 metres.

They are known to reach lengths of 4.5 metres with a maximum weight of 540 kilograms.