An Elite Sydney Private School Is Accused Of Paying To Recruit Star Sports Players

Photo: Getty Images

There was a meeting yesterday between the heads of Sydney’s elite private schools, at which a boycott against Scots College was left in place, with its GPS rivals accusing it of paying to recruit basketball players.

That’s according to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, which first reported on the news in September. Scots’ basketball teams have been banned from playing in the league over the claims.

The GPS is an association comprising the bulk of Sydney’s elite High Schools, which many professionals in the city’s business community attended, and maintain links to through “old boys” networks.

It is comprised of the basketball-banned Scots, as well as Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore), St Joseph’s College, Sydney Grammar School and Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview.

Other elite boys private schools are accusing scots of paying financial inducements through its sports scholarship to recruit good basketball players.

There is more on the story here.

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