An Australian woman picked up a shark trapped in a seaside pool and threw it back in the ocean

Cronulla Real Estate/ Facebook

Move over Crocodile Dundee.

Cronulla real estate agent Melissa Hatheier was taking her regular swim in the Oak Park pool in Cronulla, south of Sydney, when she saw a small shark had become trapped.

She decided to take matters into own hands to save Port Jackson shark, choosing to simply pick it up and throw it back in the ocean.

After following the animal for a short time, Hatheier cornered it. She takes a moment to pick up the animal, which is half her size, and lobs it over the edge of the pool.

An applause can heard upon its return.

Footage of her actions were posted on Cronulla Real Estate’s Facebook page. Since it was published on October 10, the video has been viewed 362,000 times and received 1,661 shares.

Hatheier told the ABC the shark was pretty distressed and bumping into things” so she thought she would try to catch him.

“It was just like picking up a toddler,” she said, adding she wouldn’t have done it if it had been a Great White shark.

A Port Jackson shark. iStock

Port Jackson Sharks are typical to southern Australian waters and usually live in rocky environments near the bottom of the ocean.

Unlike other sharks, their teeth are small and blunt, to grind the shells of molluscs they can feed on after sucking in water and sand from the ocean floor and blowing the waste out their gills.

It’s for this reason the shark is considered harmless to humans, although the teeth, whilst not sharp, can give a painful bite.

Earlier this year, it was reported that an an Australian diver regularly takes selfies with a shark of the same breed since he befriended six years ago. More on that here.

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