An Australian Subway Owner Is Threatening To Expose The Sandwich Chain's Trade Secrets If He's Not Paid $35 Million

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There are reports US sandwich chain Subway is being blackmailed by a former Melbourne franchisee who is threatening to release the company’s secret recipes if it doesn’t hand over $35 million in return for his “silence”.

The shop owner allegedly threatening to expose the commercial secrets of the fast-food chain is 30-year-old Arun Sinhal, The Age reports.

Singhal bought a Subway franchise in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburb of Oakleigh last year and has been accused by the fast-food company of filming instructional videos and creating a website to reveal the secrets.

Subway managed to obtain a restraining order against Singhal in Victoria last month. Supreme Court documents allege Singhal sent emails to Subway’s US headquarters outlining his demands.

“Singhal’s dominant motive in publishing the statements was the furtherance of a spiteful campaign directed at destroying Subway’s reputation or causing it loss,” the company alleges.

Subway is also accusing the man of blackmail and has since cancelled his franchise contract in April as a result of agreement “breaches”.

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