An Australian startup backed by Alan Kohler wants to solve the chaos of the internet for companies

CEO Justin Cannon.

An Australian startup wants to take control of the internet by giving companies a way to build their own community around content and their brand.

Cognitives was founded in 2013 and has since attracted some heavyweight attention, with the likes of Alan Kohler and former Xero executive Leanna Graham among major investors.

The company wants to give brands a simple set of publishing tools, including deep data and SEO tools.

Cognitives claims that a professionally-built website created for the social web could cost companies up to $500,000 and take months to finish, while their platform costs just $50 a month and takes a fraction of the time.

Instead of building a website and then integrating analytics tools and a social platform and content marketing, Cognitives allows it all to happen on its platform.

The startup has raised $1.3 million to date and currently employees 5 people, but it’s looking to raise another $2 million to help accelerate is global growth. They also aim to employ 47 people in the next four years.

“A standard website isn’t enough anymore,” CEO Justin Cannon told Business Insider.

“Cognitives helps you launch your own digital publishing platform, tapping into social media and original content from your audience.

“This deep engagement gives you credibility and build lasting relationships.”

This is the second company Cannon has started. He previously had an online design platform and store for outdoor verandas in 2001 which he still helps run.

A big market Cognitives is looking to top is the demand from brands to create content on their own marketing channels where they control the rules, rather than on “rented” spaces such as Facebook.

Huge companies such as Bupa, Qantas, Red Bull and GE have invested heavily in this space and are continuing to do so.

“Cognitives wants to be the global standard platform for websites bred for today’s social web and the power of citizen contribution,” Cannon said.

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