An Australian Soldier Believed To Be Missing In The Woods In Upstate New York

Captain Paul McKay. Photo: Supplied

A search has been underway for more than a week after Australian soldier Captain Paul McKay went missing in upstate New York.

Police, according to an ABC News report, believe he was last seen walking into the woods with a large backpack near Saranac Lake.

Much of the United States, including the state of New York, has been experiencing freezing conditions due to a weather phenomenon dubbed the “polar vortex.”

Reportedly the solider, who served in Afghanistan suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome. Police say they have continued to receive information on his whereabouts, and are confident his military training will help him survive.

However local police chief Bruce Nason, according to The ABC, says Captain McKay’s family in Australia received an email from him on the day he disappeared.

“The email that he sent to his father, he pretty much gave all property and possessions to his father, and there was some other information I’m not going to get into detail with, but it led us to believe that he didn’t plan on returning.

There is more here.

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