Australian Photographer's Photo Of An African Tribal Family In Mourning Is Runner Up In A Global Competition

Getty Images has announced the winners of its first global photo competition.

More than 2,500 photographers from 85 countries entered, with Braden Summers from the US winning and Ben McRae from Australia as runner up.

The competition asked photographers to help “repicture” the world.

Summers’ “All Love is Equal” is a photographic series that challenges the social construct of “iconic romance,” while McRae’s “Repicture Family” is about a Himba tribe who has lost their leader, and a wife who has lost her husband.

Here is the award-winning photography.

All Love is Equal

Repicture Family

McRae is a Wollongong-based photographer but has spent the past eight years travelling to Africa to periodically live with the Himba tribe in northern Namibia.

Two years ago the tribe’s chief, Tjanongombe, was diagnosed with cancer, and died three weeks before the image was shot.

Tjivio – the woman in the photograph – was the favourite of Tjanongombe’s three wives.

After losing her husband she went into mourning for two weeks.

McRae was invited to photograph Tjivio and her family to show that even with her loss she was still happy and thankful for her children and the support network of the larger family.

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