An Australian oil and gas veteran is switching to a wave energy company

Stephen Rogers. Image: Supplied.

Stephen Rogers, an oil and gas industry senior executive, has been appointed managing director of ASX-listed Protean Wave Energy.

Rogers, an engineer with a background in the development of offshore hydrocarbon assets, has a 35 plus-year career at the helm of both public and private companies in the oil and gas industry.

Protean Wave Energy is focused on the commercialisation of its proprietary wave energy convertor system.

“I have spent a large part of my career in the oil and gas industry and it has provided me with many great experiences,” he says.

“I started my career in the late seventies at a time when the industry was booming. What is happening today in the renewable energy industry reminds me of those times.

“There is a lot of excitement, there is a lot of innovation and there is opportunity for those prepared to take the risk.”

Rogers was a senior executive at Woodside Energy where he was responsible for leading the early stages of the development and commercialisation of a significant LNG project offshore in Western Australia.

More recently, as head of projects he was responsible for greenfield LNG projects.

Wave energy buoy off Bunbury in Western Australia. Image: Supplied.

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