An Australian Missionary, 75, Has Been Arrested In North Korea

North KoreaGetty / File

A 75-year-old Australian missionary is facing imprisonment in North Korea after being arrested over Christian leaflets in his possession.

John Short, a South Australian who has been living in Asia for 40 years, was arrested this week in Pyongyang and has been held for the past two days.

Foreign minister Julie Bishop said the Australian government was aware of the case and was liaising with the Swedish consulate to handle Short’s case. Australia has no consular representation in North Korea.

Short’s wife, Karen, told The Advertiser: “Our best hope is that they realise he’s not a political campaigner and just throw him out of the country.”

Former foreign minister Alexander Downer said North Korean authorities “would take a very dim view” of Christian material being distributed in Pyongyang and that a “worse place to be caught doing something like that is unimaginable”.

There’s more at The Advertiser.

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