An Australian man filmed an encounter between two of the world's deadliest spiders on the wall of his house

Photo: Dollfun / Liveleak

As if one deadly spider caught on camera wasn’t enough: in Australia, you can find two of the world’s most lethal arachnids hanging around outside your house.

In this case, the smaller one, a redback, was trying to pick a fight with a funnel web in a video posted to Liveleak.

The funnel web is one of the most deadly spiders in the world. It is aggressive – and has been known to run at people – with fangs that can pierce clothing. Redbacks – known as black widows in other parts of the world – are also deadly but their bites rarely kill people because their fangs are small.

The funnel web, described by the user as being 7cm in size, did not respond to the redback’s provocations, but it was sure annoyed when, inexplicably, the guy poked it with a stick. He said he found the two spiders on the brickwork outside his house.

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