An Australian Is Missing On The Tallest Peak In New Zealand, Mount Cook

Photo: Mount Cook/

Michael Bishop, a 40-year-old Australia mountaineer, is missing on New Zealand’s Mount Cook along with two German men.

The group were making an attempt to reach the summit, but have not returned after last being seen on the glacier’s Teichelmann’s Corner at 4am on Monday. They had been climbing roped together.

Search and rescue operations have been hindered by bad weather on the mountain, with New Zealand authorities saying the weather may not clear until New Year’s Day.

The Department of Conservation Alpine Rescue Team did an aerial search early this morning, but were forced to turn back due to poor visibility. They did not see any sign of the missing party.

A guide who last saw them, said that conditions for climbing yesterday were reasonably good, but crevasses are an issue, with quite high freezing levels and unstable snow bridges.

In July, a 44-year-old Australian soldier died after falling more than 30 metres down a crevasse during a training activity on Mount Cook.

Since the first recorded fatality in 1907, 230 people have died in Mount Cook National Park.

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