An Australian Has Been Detained In North Korea

North Korea An Australian has been detained in North Korea. Getty/ Han Myung-Gu

An Australian missionary has been detained in North Korea after reportedly distributing religious material in the totalitarian dictatorship.

John Short, 75, had translated Christian gospel passages into Korean and was handing them out on his second trip to the country.

John’s wife Karen told Fairfax :

“John is still in North Korea in detention and being questioned as to why he was carrying Korean-language Christian materials.

He wanted to go as a Christian but not do anything untoward or unwise, because it’s a very closed country, the world knows that. He’s not cavalier in any way, but he is a man of faith.”

Australia has no diplomatic presence in North Korea. Efforts to monitor Short’s welfare must be coordinated through Swedish officials.

While it is unclear what charges he faces, the case bears ominous similarities to that of American missionary Kenneth Bae, who was sentenced to 15 years hard labour after being convicting of trying to overthrow the state.

There’s more here.

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