An Australian doctor has appeared in a new IS propaganda video

Tareq Kamleh/ Supplied

An Australian doctor who joined Islamic State in 2015 has appeared in a new propaganda video.

Former paediatric doctor Tareq Kamleh, who goes by the name Abu Yousef Al-Australi, is shown in a hospital treating patients and holding a gun, warning Muslims if they don’t join IS they have “no self respect”.

“You are living in the countries that are sending us rockets. You are living in the countries that are killing Muslimeen here and you are paying taxes still to them. You have no honour, you have no self respect, you have no love for fellow Muslims,” he says.

The highly graphic video has been posted by Al-Masdar Al-‘Arabi news. Viewer discretion is advised.

Kamleh first appeared in such videos soon after he joined the terrorist group, previously spruiking its health services and urging others to travel to Raqqa, Syria.

His passport and medical registration have been cancelled.

Kamleh is wanted by the Australian Federal Police on multiple terrorism charges.