An Australian designer with a luxury lifestyle pulls a $250,000 crowdfunding page to pay his medical bills

Houseof.Cool’s Dan Single and Bambi Northwood-Blyth. (Source: Instagram)

Ksubi jeans co-founder Dan Single has removed a crowdfunding page he set up to help with medical bills after copping criticism from “donors” on how self-absorbed the request was.

The Bondi designer, who travels the world with his model wife, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, while documenting their adventures on Instagram, fell three floors from a window at the Grand Hotel Amour in Paris last month. He was reportedly in an induced coma in intensive care before being discharged.

Fairfax Media reported that this week Single, or people representing him, had put up a Go Fund Me page seeking to raise $250,000 to cover medical and recuperation costs, which attracted nine contributions in the first day.

However, four of them had put in $5 each just to get a chance to criticise the entrepreneur.

“I am sorry you are hurt, it could happen to anyone, and I do not wish you ill. You should realise, however, that you project the image of a very immature man. You won’t be ‘given’ $250k. It seems self-delusional, greedy and grasping,” wrote one contributor, according to Fairfax.

Another commenter enquired why Single can “fund partying, drinking and overseas trips”, but not his own rehabilitation bills.

“In 2009 you had $21 million to your name, so where has all that money gone?” asked another contributor. “You should be punished for setting this page up.”

The criticism apparently struck a chord and the page was removed by Wednesday night.

Single and Northwood-Blyth run a venture called Houseof.Cool, which describes itself as a designer husband and model wife “exploring the globe one island and one runway at a time, collecting treasures and making some dope stuff along the way”.

The Houseof.Cool Instagram account is full photos of the pair flying first class, staying at exotic locations around the world, dining at expensive restaurants and filling up champagne pyramids.

A screenshot of the now-removed crowdfunding page shows the designer asking for help to “fund the hospital bill, rehab bill, early flights home, being unable to make bread and work over the next [few] months and all the incidentals the family is covering at the moment”.

The page also stated a fundraising dinner is also due to be held in Sydney in early May.

A Single spokesperson declined to comment to Fairfax.

Ksubi jeans rose to international fame in the 2000s after Single founded it in 1999. The label collapsed and was liquidated in 2010, with he and his co-founder George Gorrow served with a $3 million claim for allegedly trading while insolvent.

In 2013, ASIC banned Single from directing or managing companies for three years.

Read the original story on Fairfax here.

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