An Australian Couple Were Among A Lucky Few Who Opted out Of Flying Home On Flight MH17

Juan Jovel and Simone La Posta. Picture: ABC

It’s no comfort to those who lost their loved ones when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed in Ukraine, but there are at least a couple of families thanking their lucky stars today.

Australian honeymooners Simone La Posta and her husband Juan Jovel spoke to the ABC earlier about how they decided to take an earlier flight back on the same plane yesterday.

“We flew into flew into KL (Kuala Lumpur) via Amsterdam on the MH17 flight the day before,” she said.

“We originally had our itinerary to be on that flight but then we changed it, thinking we’d be too jetlagged for work on Monday.”

“Then there was another chance we could’ve been on that flight when we got to Schiphol Airport on Wednesday to check in they’d overbooked that flight — so we were on standby and we only found out literally a minute before the boarding closed that we were actually going to be leaving that day.”

The pair didn’t find out about the crash until they landed this morning and have spent most of the morning assuring friends and family that they are OK.

Incredibly for Malaysian air steward Sanjid Singh, his decision to swap his MH17 shift with a colleague mirrored his wife’s own lucky escape several months ago.

She also swapped out of a steward shift on a flight – that of doomed MH370, which went missing in March.

The entire 15-strong crew of MH17 was Malaysian, according to a list which names those working on board.

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