An Australian company wants to break a world record by letting a chicken run its Twitter account

Photo: Chicken Treat/ Facebook.

In a variation on infinite monkey theorem (which posits that they could randomly type out the complete works of Shakespeare), Western Australian fast food chain Chicken Treat is letting a chicken run its Twitter account.

Perth agency Marketforce has solicited Betty, a hen, to run the Chicken Treat social media account from the comfort of her coup.

The company, which has been running since 1976, has over 70 stores across Western Australia and hopes to score a place in the Guinness Book of World Records if Betty manages to tweet a five-letter word in English.

The company normally markets itself using an animated chicken, but is now trying something more out of the box.

“We felt we needed to look at different ways to communicate across different channels,” Chicken Treat CEO Mimma Battista told Mumbrella.

“All of our competitors are playing the regular guy so we, as the challenger brand, wanted to bring some fun into our marketing and find unique ways to engage with consumers.

“We are the jester brand. Out intention is to be cheeky and light-hearted.”

Chicken Treat is part of the QSRH group, counting Red Rooster and Oporto as sister brands, while competing against McDonalds, KFC and Hungry Jacks.

The ploy has seen sales increase by 8% since it began on October 8.

So far, Betty’s nonsensical tweets have garnered a huge following with the hashtag #chickentweet.

Pay chicken feed, you get chicken tweets…

Here’s a look at Betty’s efforts.

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