An Australian company just sold its combat helmets to US special forces

Noorullah Sirzada/AFP/Getty Images

Australian defence supplier XTEK has just closed a deal to supply its lightweight combat helmets to ant-terrorism special forces in the US.

In a $US644,000 ($845,000) deal, the US government’s Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office will be testing combat helmets and flat panels produced using XTEK’s XTclave technology over 18 months.

“The US government is the world leader in military technology, and for the second time they have committed funds to XTEK for research and testing,” says XTEK managing director Philippe Odouard.

“We are confident that we will achieve a good result from the latest research initiative as we have proven on a number of occasions that XTclaveTM is capable of producing composites with complex shapes and structures that are lighter and that can offer a higher level of protection.”

In 2013, the the US Army tested XTEK’s rigid armour inserts for body armour.

The technology produces stronger and lighter ballistic-resistant composites in complex shapes such as helmets.

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