An Australian Climber Has Fallen 300 Metres To His Death In Canada

Photo by Cesar Lucas Abreu / Getty Images

An Australian man has died after falling more than 300 metres while scaling a glacier on Canada’s Sky Pilot Mountain.

Michael Taylor, 29, fell just after 11am on Saturday when he and friend Christian Likely were climbing Stadium Glacier, north of Vancouver.

The SMH reports Taylor wasn’t wearing a helmet but was using crampons which are spikes attached to the feet that allow mountaineers to dig into the ice and snow.

“They were on the steepest part right near the head wall where the glacier steepens a little bit,” Squamish search and rescue manager Katy Chambers said.

“They weren’t climbing vertical ice, but this time of year there’s no snow left on the glacier so the ice is quite slippery.

“With the crampons, if you don’t dig them in properly it is quite easily to slip on the side of them.”

The duo were aiming to reach the Sky Pilot Mountain’s 2,025-metre peak.

Taylor’s climbing partner Likely and another group saw the tragedy unfold, watching his mate fall 300 metres, smashing against ice and rocks along the way.

An emergency beacon alerted local authorities and a doctor in the region administered first aid but could not revive the Melbourne man.

“When we arrived on scene he was pronounced deceased on scene by the doctor,” Chambers said.

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