An Australian bespoke tailor rates the best and worst dressed men at the 2015 Oscars

While the women get most of the attention when it comes to gala events, as yesterday’s Academy Awards showed, there’s some room to move beyond a penguin suit for guys.

But what to wear to match it with the frocks? Business Insider asked Modi Song from Sydney bespoke men’s tailor Joe Button to run her eyes over what the male stars were wearing and give her opinion on what works and what doesn’t.

Her verdict? A tux still works and you can mix and match, just don’t go looking like you’re about to referee a sports match.

“The Academy Awards are typically quite a formal affair, with fewer of the left-of-field outfits you can expect at other awards ceremonies,” she said.

Here are 10 of the best and worst.

1.Neil Patrick Harris

Photo: Getty Images

When he wasn’t cavorting around on stage in his tighty whities (bless!), the host of this year’s Oscars made a fashion statement with a unique light grey tuxedo matched with grey studs and a bowtie. With everybody trying to do a modern twist on the traditional tux, NPH’s take on it was a definite winner.

2. Eddie Redmayne

Photo: Getty Images

While his excellent performance in The Theory of Everything won him the coveted best actor Oscar, Eddie Redmayne’s outfit – an Alexander McQueen peak lapel navy tuxedo – was equally deserving of an award. The black satin contrasts created just enough of a difference to make him stand out without overdoing it. The best thing about this suit is not just the pop of colour but the impeccable fit – everything from the sleeves to the jacket is exactly the right length, and the cut is slim but not so tight that it’s figure hugging.

3. Chris Pine

Photo: Getty Images

The fact that he cried after Common and John Legend’s stirring performance of the Oscar-award winning song ‘Glory’ wasn’t the only reason we fell in love with Chris Pine at the Oscars. His spin on the traditional black tuxedo, too, made us sit up and take notice. The double-breasted design paired with a wide satin peak lapel added a wonderfully modern twist to this ageless classic.

4.David Oyelowo

Photo: Getty Images

Never mind that David Oyelowo – best known for playing Martin Luther King Jr in Selma – would look classy in a hessian sack, his outfit at the Academy Awards was something only a select few gentlemen could get away with. Maroon/wine-coloured sports jackets are definitely in this season, but David took it to the next level by donning an entire three-piece suit in this colour with a matching bow-tie. The shawl lapel jacket definitely helped to transform this look from street style/hipster-wear to red-carpet worthy.

5. Benedict Cumberbatch

Photo: Getty Images

He may have missed out on the best actor award, but Benedict Cumberbatch still cut a dashing figure in this white on black ensemble. Admittedly, the white jacket look is a little last season, but he still managed to pull it off thanks to a perfect fit (tight enough, but not pulling anywhere). Small details – namely the black satin bow-tie and the black pocket square – added a simple touch that complemented and accentuated the monochromatic look of the outfit.

6. Common

Photo: Getty Images

Not everyone can pull off a velvet blazer, but when you’re able to bring half the audience to tears with a captivating musical performance, you’ve certainly earned the right to be somewhat daring. Common’s Prada number was a definite showstopper on the red carpet this year, with fabric that draped perfectly and a black satin peak lapel that reminded us it was still a tuxedo. The small pin affixed to the lapel is also a beautiful subtle touch to this outfit.

7. Michael Keaton

Photo: Getty Images

There was nothing remotely bird-like about Michael Keaton’s outfit at the Oscars. If anything, he erred towards simplicity, but his notch lapel tuxedo fit him like a glove, hanging off his frame in all the right places and perfectly cut to accentuate his height. This goes to show that even the most ordinary outfits can stand out from the crowd when the fit is flawless. The only faux pas here is that he did the second button on his jacket up (a big no-no!).

8. Adrien Brody

Photo: Getty Images

Adrien Brody can usually do no wrong, but his monochromatic number just isn’t doing it for us this year. The contrasting black satin chest pocket and pocket flaps are a bit too thick and clash against the white tuxedo jacket, making the outfit look rather messy overall.

9. Jared Leto

Photo: Getty Images

Oh, Jared! If the Jesus-like locks and scruffy hipster beard weren’t enough to set him apart, the pale lavender tuxedo and stark white shoes were sure to do it. While this sort of outfit is what we’ve come to expect from the actor-cum-musician, it’s really not a look we’d recommend for anyone else.

10. Will.I.Am

Photo: Getty Images

Honestly, who invited this guy? There’s no doubt Will.I.Am has a penchant for drama, but this outfit is all sorts of wrong for the Oscars red carpet. The crazy conductor’s hat was weird enough but everything else about the outfit – from the referee jersey to the rolled up track pants – made it look like he’d shown up to the wrong party. ‘I gotta feeling’ they didn’t even let him into the auditorium.

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