An Australian astronomer has been named one of four Women in Science 2015 fellows

Astronomer Shari Breen

Australian astronomer Shari Breen has just been named as a L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellow.

Shari, and three other scientists, was selected from a field of more than 240 and awarded a prize of $25,000.

The winners are studying sharks, future memories, heavy stars and climate change.

The other three winners are marine scientist Jodie Rummer, cognitive neuroscientist Muireann Irish and New Zealand geologist Christina Riesselman.

Shari Breen, a CSIRO scientist, is working to understand the process through which stars are formed.

“My research focuses on providing an evolutionary timeline for high-mass star formation,” she says.

“The central idea is fairly simple – we know of many observable characteristics of young stars, and if we had a reliable evolutionary timeline for their formation, we can work out the sequence in which each characteristic was arising.”

Here she talks about her work:

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