An Asylum Seeker Has Died And Dozens Are Being Treated For Injuries After Violence At Manus Island

Facilities at the Manus Island detention centre, shown in a handout photo provided by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, from 2012.

An asylum seeker has died after a second night of violence at the Manus Island detention centre.

The fatality was confirmed by immigration minister Scott Morrison at a briefing this morning.

“Our sympathies are extended to the transferees – that person’s family and friends who would have been in the facility as well,” Morrison said.

“This is a tragedy but this was a very dangerous situation where people decide to protest in a very violent way and to take themselves outside the centre and place themselves at great risk.”

News of the fatality comes after reports of a break-out attempt and violent protests at the centre located in Papua New Guinea. Morrison confirmed 77 people were injured, including one person who was shot in the buttock.

“The news of a death is a great tragedy,” Morrison told reporters at the briefing.

Unconfirmed claims have been made by rights activists, who said asylum seekers were fleeing external attacks. The security contractor that runs the facility, G4S, has released a statement saying this is incorrect.

“The breach of the perimeter fence followed two days of demonstrations by transferees,” the statement said.

G4S confirmed the perimeter fence was breached, and that once asylum seekers fled the facility they came under the jurisdiction of local police. The company also said it was able to regain control on the centre without the use of force.

All staff at the facility have been accounted for. G4S said non-essential personnel were evacuated to a nearby oval for their safety.

The asylum seeker who was shot, as well as another who suffered a critical head injury, are being transferred to Australia for treatment.

ABC News has obtained video footage of the detainees at the centre throwing rocks and rushing the main gate at the facility on Sunday night.

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