An ASX-listed tech company is using Sachin Tendulkar to launch in India

Photo: Pal Pillai/ Getty Images.

ASX-listed tech company YPB is looking to enter the Indian market, and has signed a huge 10-year deal with cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar to help assist with its presence in the market.

YPB is an anti-counterfeit technology company, which offers software and apps to allow consumers to spot fake products — a big problem in the Indian and southeast Asian markets.

Its flagship product is the YBP Connect phone app which uses a mixture of technologies such as image recognition and QR codes to verify a products authenticity with its database.

The company also creates document verification technology, however Tendulkar will be the face of its consumer product.

“My team, along with YPB, are looking forward to this association and I believe in time the benefits of the technology will be felt by many brands across India and abroad,” Sachin Tendulkar said of his involvement.

YPB group CEO John Houston added that someone of Tendulkar’s calibre was crucial to gain traction in an extremely difficult market such as India.

“India is a totally new market and we’d only go into it with such a partner. Sachin’s endorsement is a quite unique, and it’s really a result of the relationship we’ve been able to built with him,” he said.

“He doesn’t do this often.”

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