An Assistance Package For Holden Workers Is Expected To Be Announced Today

Getty/ Ian Waldie

Prime Minister Tony Abbott will outline an assistance package for Holden workers who will lose their jobs after the automaker shutters is manufacturing plants in 2017.

According to the ABC, the announcement is expected today, and will outline assistance measures for the 2,900 people who are expected to lose their jobs.

General Motors said it would close the plant due to tough economic conditions which make it uncompetitive to manufacture cars in Australia.

Currently its presence is heavily subsidised by both state and federal governments, who have kicked in millions to keep the iconic brand in the country.

There is speculation Toyota will also announce its departure. With Holden and Ford both planning to close their plants, it would be the last remaining major car brand.

Abbott has indicated no extra subsidies would be offered on top of the cash which is already available through existing schemes.

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