Detroit's Abandoned Neighborhoods Could Become A Theme Park

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Perhaps all this talk about bridging the income gap in America is focusing on the wrong things.Rather than open a farmer’s market, grocery chain or retail bank, the real solution might be to convert an abandoned neighbourhood into an amusement park—a zombie-themed park, to be exact. 

That’s the idea Mark Siwak, a Detroit-based artist, is pitching on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Z World Detroit would turn the scariest sections of the city into a tourist attraction, much in the way the Hedeilberg Project used an east-side street as an art installation. 

In Z World, visitors would run and hide from zombies during the apocalypse. They’d also get patches they would tear off for every misstep, and if they lost all the patches, they’d be forced to join the zombie horde. 

“The real neat thing about this project is the potential to inject some life into a forgotten neighbourhood, with the opportunity to work with neighbourhood groups and organisations,” says Siwak. “Z World Detroit would become part of the neighbourhood, the centre of the neighbourhood, rather than something sitting outside it.”

The park might also create jobs and help the city maintain its sports fields, he adds, or at the very least, double as an events space. 

To date, the project has net $7,657 of Siwak’s $145,000 goal. The last day to contribute is Friday, August 10 when the campaign is slated to end at midnight PT. If the park becomes a reality, visitors will pay $100 for admission.

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