An ancient tomb was just discovered in Egypt that is believed to be over 4300 years old

Image: Egypt Antiquities Ministry (via LiveScience)

To this day, Egyptian archaeologists continue to discover new tombs and relics, with the most recent being a 3500-year-old mummy just a couple of months ago. Now, the Egypt Antiquities Ministry has reveal another find — the 4300-year-old tomb of a powerful woman by the name of “Hetpet”.

The announcement was made yesterday by the Ministry, according to a story by LiveScience’s Owen Jarus, with the tomb uncovered in a “cemetery on the Giza Plateau”.

Image: Egypt Antiquities Ministry (via LiveScience)

Judging by the artwork and hieroglyphs in the tomb, it’s been determined that Hetpet was a “senior official in the royal palace”:

“The tomb has very distinguished wall paintings, in a very good conservation condition, depicting ‘Hetpet’ standing in different hunting and fishing scenes or sitting before a large offering table receiving offerings from her children,” Egypt’s antiquities ministry said in a statement.

Unfortunately, the tomb appears to have been burgled at some point; not only is Hetpet’s statue missing, but her mummy as well.

Image: Egypt Antiquities Ministry (via LiveScience)

The mission that found the tomb is one of a “dozen”, according to the LiveScience story, so be prepared for similar discoveries over the next 12 months.


This article first appeared on Gizmodo Australia. See the original here.

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