An Amtrak High-Speed Train Left New York Without Its Passengers

Amtrak Acela Express At Washington Union StationREUTERS/ Larry DowningAmtrak’s high speed Acela at Washington’s Union Station

An Amtrak Acela Express train left New York Penn Station over the weekend without its passengers, The New York Daily News reports.

85 passengers waiting to board the Washington D.C.-bound high speed train were left stranded and bemused on the platform when it pulled out of the station without them. In an apparent communication mix-up, passengers waiting to board the 3:00 PM train were told to go to one platform as Acela Express 2253 waited at another. In fact, several minutes passed before news of the train’s departure even reached the then-stranded passengers.

“They literally sent us to the wrong platform, and the conductor took off without any passengers,” Damien Miano, a stranded passenger told The Daily News. “The right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing. It’s just so bizarre.”

According to the paper, stranded passengers were taken a waiting room at the station, given food, and eventually accommodated on later Amtrak service.

In a statement to Business Insider, Amtrak apologized for the incident and stated “it is investigating the circumstances” surrounding the mishap.

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