An American called Peter Dutton laughs off the abuse he cops about Australian politics

This Peter Dutton lives in New York and prefers photography to politics, so please don’t abuse him. Source: Twitter

New Yorker Peter Dutton is one of those people who finds himself on the wrong end of the stick on social media because he shares the same name as an Australian politician, currently earning the ire of many after he mistakenly sent a text message to journalist Samantha Maiden calling her a “mad f*@king witch”.

It’s not the first time the Queens native has copped it from angry Australians, but he takes it with good grace and great humour on Twitter, with his bio now describing him as “Part-time Supreme Ruler and Lord Protector of Australia. Full-time resident of NYC”.

This Peter Dutton’s worth a follow – he currently has less than 300, compared to @PeterDutton_MP with 18,000-plus followers – just to see a US view on Australian politics:

But his problem is best summed up by this recent tweet.

The Queens native and photographer is followed by Peter Dutton MP, who has some sympathy for his plight:

And while he gets exasperated, humour often saves the day.

And at least he’s not alone, as Peter Dutton, English musician has also discovered:

Along with Peter Dutton, director of the China Maritime Studies Institute, at the US Naval War College and Adjunct Professor at the NYU School of Law.

But getting a Twitter handle wrong happens to everyone, including Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, who last year mistakenly sent a message intended for Indian PM Narendra Modi to Narendra Rocherolle, a New Yorker who just so happened to be one of the early Twitter designers.

Rocherolle summed up Twitter’s greatest strength and weakness to the two world leaders:

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