FUNNY STUFF: 10 Hilarious Comedy Bits About Tech

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Technology is funny.

We’ve got proof of that on video. Cell phones, the Internet, Facebook and most definitely Twitter is the stuff of great jokes.

Now add ageing parents, Google,  Microsoft and lawmakers.

A word of caution. A few of the videos that follow contain some salty language. Sensitive ears may be offended.

The rest will be entertained.

Tom Papa's parents are on My Face. Are you on My Face?

Ellen DeGeneres does Twitter

Louis CK: We live in an amazing world and its wasted on a generation of spoiled idiots.

Wanda Sykes on cell phones and memory loss

Bill Maher wants a new rule about liking your own comments on Facebook

Kevin Spacey: No, it doesn't cost me money

Stephen Colbert on Bing's idea of search engine fun→

Jon Stewart is at a total loss over SOPA

Speaking of hilarious bits about technology ...

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