An Alleged Jerry Sandusky Victim Spoke Publicly About The Abuse He Endured For Years

As we get closer to hearing Jerry Sandusky’s fate, more alleged victims have come out. Travis Weaver, who said he was sexually abused by Sandusky more than 100 times over a period of four years, went on NBC’s Rock centre last night and spoke about the alleged abuse he endured in an interview with Kate Snow. A few painful quotes from Weaver:

“After the shower was over…he’d dry me off with a towel.  He’d say he was trying to wrestle with me….and then it progressed into oral sex.”

“We went to a professional football game, and [Sandusky and I] left early and went back to the hotel.  And he performed oral sex on me in the hotel.”

Weaver, who came from a broken home, said when he first met Sandusky, it was like meeting his hero. Weaver testified before a grand jury, but he did not testify in court. NBC’s Kate Snow said:

“He is now part of a second group of guys who came forward later, who did testify—he testified before a grand jury, prosecutors have his testimony, he’s willing to testify in court. They’re holding that group in case they need them, in case they get a not guilty verdict out of this current jury. They could potentially go after federal charges against Jerry Sandusky.”


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[NBC, via Deadspin]

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