An Adorable Toy Seal Is Helping Japanese Tsunami Victims Fight Depression

In the Japanese coastal city of Kensennuma, many homeless disaster victims of the tsunami that hit Japan last March are living in temporary houses put up in a baseball stadium.

To help the dislocated residents cope with their depression, they are now being offered therapeutic seal toys that respond to human touch, AFP/Relaxnews reports.

Called Paro, the furry, robotic seal fills in as a substitute for the pets that some residents lost in the tsunami, a housewife in Kensennuma told AFP/Relaxnews. Other residents benefit from maintaining communication.

The toy’s website says that Paro, which is supposed to look like a baby harp seal, is the “World’s Most Therapeutic Robot,” as designated by Guinness World Records.

Below is a video of a nursing home in the Fukushima Prefecture of Japan, where elderly residents are using Paro to cope with dislocation: 

[via the Daily News]

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