An Adelaide guy claims NBN is pulling out his ADSL and replacing it with satellite

The NBN rollout. Photo: file

The NBN Co will terminate the ADSL connections of around 30 homes in Adelaide and replace their internet connections with high-latency satellite connections.

South Australian man Matthew Wilkinson, who detailed his story on Whirlpool, claims he and others on his street, who all live within eyesight of Adelaide, are being forced on the satellite network. We first spotted this on Delimiter.

Wilkinson claims his suburb will be receiving the fibre-to-the-node rollout, however his street is missed under the plans. Accordingly the NBN will be deactivating internet access over his existing copper wires, with the only available internet connection being the high-latency satellite network that offers much lower download quotas than a fixed connection.

Writing on Whirlpool, Wilkinson said:

After FTTN is switched on a few hundred metres up my road next year, I will be forced to disconnect my DSL service, and be forced to connect to NBN Co’s Satellite service that was meant for all of you that actually live in Rural and Remote Australia … There is no plans for fixed wireless for my area, due to the cost of installing a new tower.

My DSL service has to be disconnected, even though I get to keep my copper line for voice calls being in a [satellite] area. The DSL service runs in the same cable bundle as the rest of the road, and 18months after FTTN is switched on, the ramp up the power for VDSL. My ADSL 2+ service will interfere with the VDSL service, so it will be disconnected.

He is also claiming many of the 30 premises will need physical obstructions such as trees to be removed for the satellite dishes to be able to be installed. This is despite the homes already having an existing copper connection which could continue to be used to supply broadband.

The question has been raised by the residents as to why fibre can’t be extended to the closest node using existing pits and pipes to turn their existing ADSL connections into faster FTTN broadband connections, rather than satellite.

NBN Co gave Business Insider Australia a very vague comment around the issue, without singling out an exact reason for pushing ADSL customers to the satellite network. This is that they said:

“- This is a complex national infrastructure rollout and we are delivering the network to all Australians through a range of technologies.

– The technology deployed in each area is based on a range of factors, ensuring we deliver the network in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

– All technologies aim to provide minimum the wholesale speeds of 25/5Mbps – a significant increase on the average internet speed in Australia.

– nbn has invested in the latest technology to supply Australians with an excellent wholesale satellite service.”

There’s more at Delimiter.

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