The New York Times Front Page Ad: $75,000 A Pop, $100,000 On Sundays

How much is enough to turn the New York Times from a paper that had forever refused to run a display ad on its front page to one that sported a banner from CBS yesterday?

Media buyers told the New York Post that the Times offered them the unit at a rate of $75,000 a pop — $100,000 on Sundays — if they would agree to spend another $2 million buying the ad 25 more times.

Add 313 non-Sundays and 52 Sundays sold at that rate and the New York Times would see $28 million in revenues as a result of the new ad.

Of course that’s if the ad sells out all year and sells out after zero negotiations. Neither of which will happen.

But still — not bad for 2.5 inches of fishwrap. And if the reports are true that the Times wants sell its 17.5%, $150 million to $200 million stake in the Boston Red Sox, it might even be enough to help paper put together the $219 million we figure it needs to survive 2009.

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