How An Accident Turned A CNet Editor Into BlackBerry Z10 Fan

blackberry q10

When CNet editor and  reviewer Brian Bennett lost his “lovely HTC One test unit” while travelling, he was forced to use the other test phone he brought with him, a BlackBerry Z10.

He expected to be miserable missing out on Google Drive, Google Talk, Google Now and other Android apps.

But he was shocked at how much he liked the phone, once he was set up with Google Apps for Business. (“It requires you to configure your Gmail as an exchange account.”)

He particularly liked BlackBerry Hub (“made missing important communiques very difficult”) and the long battery life.

He was less pleased with having to give up Netflix and Instagram and he struggled with a not-always intuitive gesture system.

Still, after actually using it as a daily device, he liked it, though he’s not quite ready to ditch the HTC One, with its bigger screen and Android apps.

“My key takeaways from this experience are; the Z10 is a smoothly operating and highly functional smartphone which is particularly adept at mastering your messages. Also, as I expected from a BlackBerry device, the Z10’s virtual keyboard is fast, accurate, and a joy to type with.”

Business Insider’s reviewer, Steve Kovach, came to similar conclusions when he reviewed it last month. The device was great as a work machine but not so great at play.

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