Amy Schumer denies she stole these jokes from other comedians -- and she plans to prove it

Amy Schumer says accusations that she stole jokes from other comedians are false.

The “Trainwreck” star went on comedian Jim Norton’s SiriusXM show on Wednesday to clear her name.

“I wanted to come and talk to you and clear my name, because I would never ever [steal a joke] and I never have,” she said. “I’m so like: ‘Is this anyone’s bit?’ I have to come up with so much material, for my TV show, this movie, stand-up, and I’m so careful, and none of these things had ever reached me. I would never do that, it would be so stupid for me to do that.”

The denial arrives after Schumer was first charged with 
copying jokes from late comic Patrice O’Neal last year during her HBO comedy special. Then, a video, which has been deleted, made the rounds earlier this week showing Schumer’s jokes compared to similar ones from O’Neal and other comedians.

Schumer even offered to get a lie-detector test to prove her innocence.

“I’m literally going to take a polygraph test and put it on my show this season, and I promise, whatever the results are — I won’t let them cut — I will show that I had never, never seen Patrice do that bit,” the “Inside Amy Schumer” star said.

She also took to Twitter with her denial.

Just how deep to the accusations go? Comics Wendy Liebman, Kathleen Madigan, and Tammy Pescatelli added their own gripes in a Twitter discussion, also now deleted, of instances when Schumer’s jokes were very similar to theirs.

At least one of the women backed off the claim, though: 

 And Schumer feels that Pescatelli is being an instigator.

“Kathleen and Wendy know me and don’t believe I would do that — I think that Tammy is trying to get something going, I don’t know … I think she is upset … people get upset by success,” Schumer said in the Sirius interview.

To which Pescatelli responded:

Schumer did get some support. “Master of None” star Aziz Ansari had her back:

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