Amy Schumer donated $50,000 to AIDS charity (Red) to ride a jet ski with DJ Khaled

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Comedian and actress Amy Schumer donated $50,000 to AIDS charity (Red) for a once-in-a-lifetime experience with DJ Khaled.

A representative for Omaze, the website dedicated to unique experiences for charity causes, told Business Insider exclusively that Schumer was inspired to donate the generous sum after watching DJ Khaled offer up a jet ski ride on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to support (Red) and AIDS awareness. (See the video below.)

Fans of the music producer and social media star probably remember that DJ Khaled famously posted a video on Snapchat when he got lost riding his jet ski at night.

Dj khaled amy schuman jet ski ride red omaze

Schumer and DJ Khaled are currently working with each other’s calendars to schedule the ride. Hopefully this time it’s light outside.

It should be noted that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is matching donations 10-to-1 on Thursday up to $6 million in honour of World AIDS Day. That means Schumer’s donation will grow to $500,000.

Other celebrity experiences available at include an opportunity to attend a U2 rehearsal and the chance to be Channing Tatum’s personal guest for the premiere of “Magic Mike Live” in Las Vegas.

All the funds raised will go directly to (Red)’s AIDS work on the ground.

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