Amy Poehler Tells Harvard Grads They’re Almost Perfect

Last Wednesday, Amy Poehler addressed Harvard University’s Class of 2011. She told the graduates that life is like a heist (“with an explosives expert and a hot girl who doubles as a master of disguise”), to forget about a career as an actor (“there are too many; I have a lot of talented friends who aren’t working”), to be nicer to their parents (“would it kill you?”), and that they’re nearly perfect (“if you add kindness and the ability to change a tire, you almost make up the perfect person”).

She also gave a shout out to her alma mater, Boston College; and told the grads, “Watch it, Harvard, you’re not better than me.” When senior Ivy Orator Scott A. Levin-Gesundheit introduced her as “the blonde Tina Fey,” she gave him the middle finger.

This wasn’t commencement; it was Harvard’s “Class Day” ceremony. Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf addressed the students on Thursday. Watch Amy Poehler’s full speech here:  


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