AMPTP President, Studios’ Chief Negotiator Nick Counter Retiring


The president of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, Nick Counter, who is also the group’s chief negotiator, is retiring once his contract expires at the end of March.

Counter was vilified last year during the writers strike for his mishandling of those negotiations and has spent the past year trying to negotiate a contract with SAG. It’s no wonder that he wants to step down, but this shakeup throws another wrench into the protracted SAG negotiations.

The actors rejected the AMPTP’s last, best final offer last Friday and no further contract discussions are scheduled.

If the two sides can’t reach a deal by the end of March, Counter’s departure could extend the negotiation process even further since no successor has yet been named.

Then again, once the AMPTP finds someone, if he’s better able to negotiate with the actors, the two sides could quickly—and finally—reach a deal.

Carol Lombardini, AMPTP’s evp of business and legal affairs, will serve as interim president.