Big House? This Gadget Extends Your Wi-Fi Signal Up To A Mile

amped wireless signal repeater

If you have trouble getting a consistent Wi-Fi signal in your mansion, yacht, or mountain-top lair, Amped Wireless‘ new signal booster could be perfect for you.

(Thanks to Engadget for finding this gem!)

The SR600EX Pro Smart Repeater is only $180.00.

For that seemingly hefty price tag, you can extend your Wi-Fi signal “up to 1.5 miles,” according to Amped Wireless.

Considering most decent wireless routers cost upwards of $70.00, the Smart Repeater isn’t too bad of a deal to supplement your current network.

But remember to secure your network using WEP or WPA encryption and a passcode, because neighbours all around will be picking up your network.

Grab the gadget from Amped Wireless for $180.00 here.

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